Protect and support your life carefully.

SoftGuards offers high-quality products of rehabilitation, orthopedics and sport which protect and support your life carefully.

With more than 25-year experience, SoftGuards is profession in developing and innovating products related to rehabilitation, orthopedics and sport for better user experience, and we have been concentrating on producing comfortable, professional and affordable products. We have a belief that “The better environment makes life better”.

Environmentally friendly and reducing harm and waste to the planet

As guardian of your life, SoftGuards not only protects your body, but also protects the environment we live.

We promise to improve each phase of the business process, from product development to order shipping, to be more environmentally friendly and reducing harm and waste to the planet.


Reuse, Recycle and Reduce

In order to reduce the impact on the natural environment, SoftGuards regards 3R as the core value: Reuse, Recycle and Reduce, and implements the concept of 3R by improving the material of packaging.

SoftGuards is a professional brand related to rehabilitation, orthopedics and sport, which not only guards personal health but also guards the environment for sustainability of the society.

Guardian and protection

The logo of SoftGuards was designed according to the shape of a shield, which is consisted of the “S” and “G” of the brand name, since shield makes people associate with guardian and protection. Guardian and protection are images that SoftGuards devotes to building up, and those are regarded as a primary mission of SoftGuards as well.