Immobilized Wrist Splint

MNP09002-7" / MNP09004-11"

SoftGuards Immobilized Wrist Splint, with hard plastic (PC) splint for better stabilization and support, can replace plaster cast and be used while minor bone fractures or post-surgery. Two-piece design is easy to wear and remove. The comfortable foam liner is easy to remove for cleaning.


Immobilized Wrist Splint
Immobilized Wrist Splint
Advantage 01

2-piece design for easy wearing & removing

Advantage 02

Hard plastic (PC) splint for better stabilization & support

Advantage 03

Wrap straps with hook-loop fastener for easy adjustment

Advantage 04

Soft liner for more comfort

Advantage 05

Available for left or right hand


Product views
Immobilized Wrist Splint
  • Ergonomic design to fit the shape of palm
  • Vented holes on hard shell increase ventilation>
Material Composition
  • Nylon
  • PC
  • EVA
Size Chart
Immobilized Wrist Splint
    5 1/2’’~10 1/2’’14~27 cm